Dermal Fillers Injections By Physician Dr. Divya Patel - Calgary

Juvederm Dermal fillers for facial rejuvenation with immediate phenomenal results in Calgary SW. At the clinic Dr. Divya Patel is the primary and only physician administering the Dermal Fillers.

Dr. Patel is the primary and only physician administering the dermal fillers in the clinic.

Dermal Fillers can improve jaw line, enhance your lips, or contour your face providing a cheek lift lasting 12 months.

Although there are innumerable Dermal Filler products in the market the chosen product at Novocare is Juvederm from Allergan. It is less confusing to serve one brand. By consistency of the same product results are more predictable and expectations are met.

Dermal fillers can be either permanent or semi- permanent, short or long lasting. Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers are theoretically an ideal one as they emulate the dermal structure. Juvederm is a HA filler and subtypes have different elasticity, cohesivity and viscosity.

Every area like chin, lips, jaws, tear troughs, naso-labial folds have different purpose in the face, hence the choice of filler also varies in each area. Properties of fillers are important when it comes to picking the right one for the desired area. Dermal fillers can cause several complications if not done carefully. It is an artistic process sometimes requiring multiple sessions with Dr. Divya Patel to achieve the desirable appearance.

Dermal Fillers have become popular in the last few years due to the natural results seen. Lip augmentation has been the most desired. Fillers can do much more than the lips Over time due to fat loss and sagging jowls, shape of jaw or chin is lost aging us even more. Jaw line contouring is totally safe, less painful procedure, if done with the appropriate product it can have an amazing natural effect. Sunken eyes or tear troughs can be treated with fillers.

Lip fillers can enhance your lips. It is relatively painless when a cannula is used and is much tolerable. The shape of the lips can be enhanced keeping a natural look. Lip fillers can support the upper lip to hide the smoker`s lines significantly.
Tear troughs or sunken eyes is very challenging to do and is only suitable for some patients. It should mostly be done after supporting the midface with fillers. Many times, after this the tear troughs are not required to be treated.

Treatment of volume loss, deep wrinkles, lip augmentation or facial contouring are the most commonly done procedures for face with dermal fillers by Dr. Divya Patel Another phenomenal fact about dermal fillers is unlike Botox, the change is instant and over time as the filler settles it looks more amazing.

Dermal fillers can be synthetic, collagen, hyaluronic acid or fat. PRP also can be used as a natural face lift dermal filler. Most commonly used product in the clinic is Juvederm which is the Hyaluronic acid fillers. Different products are used in different areas of the face. Treatment with dermal fillers can give a positive attribute by making you look attractive, more contoured and less tired.

Dermal fillers are administered to diminish wrinkles and replace volume loss. They are used to shape and uplift the full face.

The injections usually have lidocaine in them which is a local anesthetic to minimize pain . You can expect mild discomfort or pressure with the procedure depending on the site injected.

Most commonly treated areas for fillers are the lips, cheeks, nasolabial folds and temporal areas. It has been used to shape Jaw line and nose.

The cost of the treatment varies according to the product used and areas injected. It is determined by the area, or the number of syringes used for the face. Prices start from $500.

The results are immediate and dramatic with a filler injection.

The dermal fillers can last from 3 months to 18 months or longer depending on the product used.

Juvederm Dermal fillers