Body Sculpting - Calgary

Body sculpting by Inmode BodyFX is a non-surgical body shaping treatment that targets the fat around the thighs, tummy and double chin.

BodyFX uses radio frequency based energy to sculpt the body. This painless procedure kills the fat cells helping to shape the required areas. It improves collagen henceforth tightening the skin. It is proven to not only reduce fat and cellulite but also remodel, tighten skin.

The BodyFX technology self-monitors the skin to optimize peak energy safely. This allows the device to reach optimal temperature endpoint to prevent any damage. There is virtually no risk of thermal injury due to the BodyFX self-monitoring controls.

BodyFX is a body sculpting procedure by InMode that is non-surgical, noninvasive treatment to get rid of the fat cells right here in Calgary SW. It is an excellent procedure when you have a little tummy, bra, or thigh fat that you always wanted to get rid of. There is no downtime and even after the treatments the body seems to shape better. It sculpts your body to have more visible muscle then fat.

BodyFX is a new, long lasting, non-invasive solution to reduce the unsightly appearance of cellulite. BodyFX will reshape your body to provide a non-surgical alternative to liposuction.

Discover a superior solution to improve the appearance of cellulite, reduce dimpled skin, loss of elasticity on the abdomen, love handles, hips, thighs and other areas that require fat reduction.

Most users find BodyFX comfortable. During treatment you can expect a warming of your skin and gentle pulling sensation as the radio-frequency and vacuum work to smooth out unwanted stubborn pockets of fat.

It is recommended that weekly sessions are performed over an eight week period. Gradual improvements in the treatment area can be seen following the first few treatments – with the skin’s surface feeling smoother and softer immediately.

There is no downtime for BodyFX. It can be a lunch time procedure! Patients will notice redness and warmth in the treated area which will subside after a few hours. This warmth is equivalent to the sensation felt after a deep tissue massage and will not prevent anyone from their regular activities.

Cellulite and fat in the saggy arms, above knee, around the tummy, buttocks, Bra, inner thigh are targeted areas.