Complimentary Medical Aesthetics Consultation from Dr. Divya Patel - Calgary

Dr. Divya Patel offers a complimentary nonobligatory Medical Aesthetics consultation to enhance your beauty and to feel good about yourself.

How do I book a free consult?

Click on Request A Consultation or Call the number below

What is the catch?

There is nothing to worry about. You don’t have to buy any products or our services. Our time is precious so is yours.

Is there a limit to free aesthetics consultation?

Yes. Each client is given one free consultation.

Why Novocare Aesthetics?

Botox, Dermal Fillers, PRP for Hair Loss Treatments at Novocare Aesthetics is done by physician Dr. Divya Patel who has years of experience as family physician, and she is passionate about medical aesthetics in Calgary.

Dr. Patel is the primary and only physician administering the injectables.

On your follow-up visits you will be consulted by Dr. Patel.  

The prices are very competitive and reasonable.  

Dr. Patel has gained international training in Aesthetic medicine from both UK and USA.

She is always accessible to speak for an educational consult She is personable, approachable and will advise you on making very subtle but impactful changes to enhance your appearance.

Dr. Patel listens to what you want rather than just recommending expensive treatments.

Dr. Patel is looking at a long-term relationship working with the patients in this aesthetic journey.  You will be rest assured you will be well taken care of as she loves what she does.