Hair Treatments: Restore or Remove your Hair - Calgary

We all love hair on our scalp but certainly not anywhere else. We have a solution for both. Hair on the scalp defines our facial beauty. Scalp hair loss is noticeable and can no doubt affect our self-confidence.

Continued medical research has come up with lots of innovative treatments that can enhance hair growth. There are new medications hair supplements, invasive and non- invasive treatments for hair. Keravive is the newest treatment available from HydraFacial.

Keravive works for thinning damaged hair and is meant for everyone complementing enhancing hair loss treatment protocols. Combinations treatments recommended to improve microcirculation, hair nutrition and enhance hair growth

How about unwanted hair loss? Yes, we have the answer for that as well. The triton from Inmode is one of the best in the market for near permanent hair removal with less than 6 treatments for skin of any colour.

HAIR treatments

Throw away your razor once and for all with our laser hair removal solutions. We target the root of the hair for optimal results.

Plasma Rich Platelets (PRP) injection is a novel and effective treatment for hair loss and facial wrinkles.

HydraFacial Keravive can complement other hair loss treatments including PRP, microneedling and hair transplant.