PG.Cert Aesthetic Medicine (QMUL, London UK)

Diploma Aesthetic Medicine (American Academy)

Novocare Aesthetics Clinic is located within the Novocare Medical clinic synchronizing health, wellness and beauty.

Physician managed medical aesthetics clinic. Enhancing beauty and confidence by delivering best medical aesthetics services in Calgary with undoubted patient satisfaction. Clinic partners with Allergan for Botox and Dermal Fillers. Meline and Alumier for Chemical Peels to treat Melasma, fine line and wrinkles. Syndeo HydraFacial for skin brightening, Keravive for hair growth. Morpheus8, Lumeca, BodyFX from Inmode for Body Sculpting and Vaginal wellness.

Complementary for all your minor or major non surgical aesthetic needs.

Why Medical Aesthetics?

Aesthetic medicine is growing to be more advanced since the treatments are complex & varied. The popularity has risen due to people seeking more treatments for beauty. Medical aesthetics should be practiced by licensed practitioners trained in facial anatomy, physiology who are more responsible and liable for the consequences. Botulinum toxin dermal fillers, medical grade skin care are prescribed drugs. They should be carefully administered by highly qualified practitioners aware of the risks, complications.

Aesthetic physicians are doctors who have gone beyond their basic training as a family physician or any other core specialty and trained extensively in aesthetic medicine. Since aesthetic medicine is still not a regulated training, physicians have to seek well reputed institutions to do their training.

Here I am Dr. Divya Patel proudly trained internationally on aesthetic medicine. Being a family physician, I have a holistic approach imbibed in me that allows me to treat both your physical (wrinkles, dark circles) and emotional attributes (tiredness, sadness). For example, baggy eyes can make one appear tired and that should be treated prior to any other treatments to see the results.

I can treat medical conditions like acne, hair loss with medications prior any cosmetic treatments to enhance the effects. I can deal with difficult cases combining therapeutics. All injectables are done by me and I spend considerable amount of time understanding what the patient wants and explaining the best treatments within their price range.

The art and science behind every treatment is fascinating and each work differently for each one of us. Combining treatments or individualizing is the goal. The approach is to not only make you look youthful but also treating emotional attributes like an angry or saddened look.

One single medical aesthetics treatment may not achieve what you want. It is very important you make time to discuss your shortcomings and have realistic expectations in this aesthetic journey which will be a long-term commitment.

Is it possible to lose 10 years of your age instantly? may be to some extent Can you do that with one procedure or treatment? certainly not. Every medical aesthetics treatment is unique in its own way that it works differently. Whilst one treatment can give you instant results another takes months. Whilst one works in the superficial skin the other works through all the layers.

Feel free to book for a complimentary consult and challenge me with your aesthetic queries.

Aesthetic Treatments