Body Treatments - Calgary

If you are ready to improve your feminine health and body contour, talk to Dr. Patel about body sculpting and vaginal treatments.

BodyFX is a non-invasive body sculpting that works on any body part to kill fat cells and tighten skin to replace saggy cellulite. Body treatments is not just sculpting or BodyFX but can be combined with Morpheus8 predominantly done for face rejuvenation to treat pregnancy stretch marks or to rejuvenate.

Inmode has been innovative and has come up with a non-invasive safe, effective procedure for the vagina popularly called Plus-90 here in Canada or Votiva in USA. Agreed Plus- 90!!! Couldn’t they have come up with a better name? it really does not matter as results are phenomenal.

body treatments

Tighten the skin in the belly, back, buttocks, legs and more with our body contouring solutions. Improve skin texture to reduce cellulite.

Ask us about our safe and comfortable solutions for vaginal health concerns such as urinary incontinence and vulva appearance.