Insured Services

Insured services includes Adult, Pediatric medicine in addition to Botox Therapeutic for chronic migraine, IUD Insertions and Vaccines.

Novocare Medical Clinic is linked to Alberta’s Primary Care Networks, connecting you with a larger team of healthcare professionals like nurses, nurse practitioners, dietitians, pharmacists, social workers and mental health professionals. Clinic offers the following services:

Botox therapeutic

Chronic Migraine, Hyperhidrosis and TMJ dysfunction are medical conditions that are undertreated. Most of the insurances cover the Botox injections for medical therapy and it is worthwhile having a consult.

Adult Medicine

Preventative and Routine Services

Good health can be affected by the choices we make every day. Your Novocare team can work with you and help you influence your own wellbeing, while getting the treatment needed to manage those factors that prevent you from feeling your best.

Annual Examination

Getting an update on your basic health measures is important to establishing trends and uncovering any issues. Age, medical and family history help us determine which tests to perform. Typically, we check for diseases, monitor weight and vital signs, update immunizations and learn of any concerns you have regarding your health.

Diabetes Management Coaching

Managing diabetes starts with you. We can help set up a plan to help you manage your Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes that includes testing your blood glucose, making healthy food choices, maintaining regular physical activity and taking prescribed medicine.

Nutritional / Dietician Services

The food we eat does more than nourish our bodies. It affects our brains and our emotional wellbeing, generally contributing to a much healthier self. We can help you identify the foods and dietary supplements that are right for you.

Exercise and Obesity Counselling

We know that exercise and proper nutrition lead to a better quality of life, but how do we put this knowledge into practice? Your physician will consider your personal situation and guide you with steps to achieve your desired outcome.


There are many factors that influence a couple’s ability to conceive a child. Your physician will explore the risk factors related to you and suggest treatments that are most likely to result in a successful pregnancy.


Removal of minor lesions, skin tags, moles and warts

Our clinic uses a variety of methods to remove unwanted skin growths or patches. You and your doctor can discuss removal options ranging from hyfrecation, cryotherapy, topical medication to surgery, and determine which method is right for you.

Biopsies of suspicious dermatological lesions and/or referral

When a skin lesion is removed, your doctor may opt to send a sample of the tissue for examination in a lab. This is called a biopsy, and it’s used to discover the presence, cause or sometimes the extent of a disease. The results from a biopsy can provide reassurance or suggest the need for further investigation.

Geriatric Medicine

Comprehensive Care Plan

Having a plan in place that allows you to prepare for the changes that come with aging brings peace of mind. Together with your physician, you can anticipate the decisions you’ll need to make and prepare ahead of time, in accordance with your goals and personal situation.

Capacity Assessment

There may come a time when it’s necessary to evaluate a person’s ability to care for themselves or make their own decisions. A capacity assessment includes a medication review to ensure the condition is not caused by drugs or based on a temporary condition.

Medication Review

Novocare provides medical care for people as they age, including reviewing your medications for correct dosage, side effects, interactions and contraindication (when a drug or treatment is inadvisable for you).

Advanced Care Planning

Creating an advanced care plan when you are well enough to do so will ensure your choices are upheld if someday you cannot communicate them. In the event of a medical emergency or if you become otherwise incapacitated, your family and close friends will be able to support you in having your wishes carried out regarding your care.


Newborn Care

Newborn care involves screening for diseases and identifying conditions that might require treatment. Your Novocare team can provide tips for feeding, cleaning, and getting your newborn to sleep, as well as performing or advising on small procedures such as circumcision or vaccinations.

Infant Care

Your infant relies on you for feeding, soothing, interacting and staying safe. Novocare will assess your infant’s health and development, and review ways to keep your infant safe, well fed and well rested.

Annual Physicals

Annual physical examinations assess the overall health of your child. The examination focuses on the child’s growth and nutrition, skeletal and muscular development, assesses vital signs and checks for sensory issues and disease.

Routine Services

Novocare is there to provide routine care for children of all ages. If your child is sick, in pain or discomfort, or needs a referral or an assessment for school or sports, our team will do our best to keep your child healthy and happy.


Immunization helps protect your child from diseases like measles, polio, tetanus and hepatitis, and protects the larger community by reducing the risk of passing them on to others. We’ll answer your questions about vaccination and provide you with facts to address your concerns.

Minor Surgery

Laceration Repair

A laceration is a tear or cut that is long or deep enough to require sutures (stitches). It’s best to get them looked after as early as possible. We’ll clean and close the wound to stop the bleeding, prevent infection and minimize scarring.

Lesion Removal

A skin lesion is a growth or patch of skin that doesn’t look like the area surrounding it. These might be warts, moles and skin tags, or growths that might prove to be cancerous. Our physicians will safely remove the lesion and determine when follow up is necessary, including analysis in a lab.

Treatment of Lesions and Blemishes with Hyfrecation

Hyfrecation involves using a low-powered electrical device to remove growths, superficial veins, brown spots and other skin blemishes. The technique is highly controllable and safe, targeting a specific area with lasting results.

Wart Treatment with Cryotherapy

Sometimes referred to as “freezing”, cryotherapy is used to remove warts or other skin blemishes using extremely low temperatures. This quick and easy technique is highly localized and controlled to protect the surrounding skin.



Immunization helps protect you from disease at any age. Some childhood vaccines require booster shots later in life, while others, like the flu vaccine, change annually. New ones, like the shingles vaccine, offer previously unavailable protection. We’ll answer your questions about immunization and provide you with facts to address your concerns.

Allergy Shots

Allergies are very common, but their symptoms can range from discomfort to deadly. When your body reacts negatively to certain substances, allergy shots can be a very effective form of treatment, reducing the severity of a reaction or sometimes even stopping the reaction all together.

Women’s Health

PAP & STI Testing

Pap and STI testing are important to a woman’s overall healthcare. The Pap test checks cells from the cervix for abnormalities that might indicate cervical cancer. STI testing screens for sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Annual Well Woman Exam

The Well Woman exam generally refers to an examination of the pelvic area, including the sexual and reproductive organs. It can also include a breast exam, a Pap smear, STI testing, and address your concerns about family planning, weight, or mental health.

Family Planning

Family planning gives you control over the number and spacing of your children. Methods of avoiding pregnancy include contraception, abstinence and natural planning. Your physician will discuss these options and help you decide what’s right for you.

Acute Gynecological Problems

Gynecology refers to the treatment of women, specifically around her reproductive organs. Even with regular exams and screening, infections and other serious conditions can occur that lead to infertility, illness or worse. Your Novocare physician will identify and treat your condition or refer you to a specialist if needed.

Prenatal Visits

Expectant mothers will benefit from early and regular prenatal visits, where we can monitor the health and growth of your fetus. Your physician can help with symptoms of stomach pain and nausea, answer your questions and monitor your own health during pregnancy.

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