Flu, Covid and Travel Vaccines

Flu, Covid and Travel Vaccines

Flu and Covid vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna) are available at the clinic.

Flu or influenza

Clinic has vaccines for the Flu or influenza. You can protect yourself and the vulnerable from flu by vaccinating. The high dose quadrivalent vaccine is administered for 65 years and older whilst younger population get the standard dose. The vaccine is given either by the nurse or doctor. You can just ask in your scheduled appointment to be given one or schedule a visit for the flu injection.


Clinic now has both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines for Covid-19. The new Bivalent vaccine that provides protection against the Omicron strain is the one being administered in the clinic. All Albertans 18 years of age and over can book for the bivalent vaccine 5 months after the previous dose. It is recommended to wait three months after a Covid-19 infection before getting a booster dose. All covid-19 vaccines can be co-administered with any other vaccines including shingles, flu, pneumococcal.

Travel Vaccines

Prescriptions for travel vaccines like Twinrix (Hepatitis A and B), cholera, typhoid can be given after discussion with your physician